Gas Kiln Fundraiser - Large Bowls

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Purchase a large bowl and support building our gas kiln!

1) Take a look at the bowls in the photos
2) Click the link below for payment
3) Write the color and number of your choice in the dedication section of the link.
4) We will reach out to set up pick up

Items with Red X are already taken.

The bowls are lovingly handmade and proceeds support the growth of the pottery studio.

The goal of the fundraiser is to raise funds for the construction and installation of a gas-fired kiln, a pivotal addition to LaunchSpace. This kiln will enable local artists and creators to elevate their pottery and ceramic projects, providing them with a versatile tool for creating intricate, high-quality pieces.

The gas-fired kiln will not only enhance the capabilities of its creative community but also empower emerging artists to experiment, learn, and refine their skills. By supporting the program attendees and donors are contributing to the growth of local arts and culture while enjoying a scoop of their favorite ice cream and a new bowl made by local artists.

Pick up at makerspace only. We will reach out to you when your items is ready for pickup.

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