Teen Open Hack is Back!

We are thrilled to bring back Friday night Teen Hack Night in 2024.

Access to the Arts

Greenfield Savings Bank has pledged a substantial $2,500 per year for the next four years!

Access To The Arts

Dean’s Beans Organic Coffee has pledged a substantial $5,000 per year for the next four years!

Creative Sector Pathway Program

We are thrilled to announce the expansion of our Creative Sector Pathway Program to 2 new cohorts in 2024!

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Upcycled Tote Bag

Take that old chicken feedbag and upcycle it into a beautiful functional tote!Read More »

Trash Sculpture

Take trash and make treasure! Reuse, Rework, Reimagine; learn how to give new life to all the little things we toss aside.Read More »

Build a Mini Amp

In this class we will build a miniature amplifier. Students will learn to solder and the basics of constructing an electronic project.Read More »

Intro to 3D Printer Skills Workshop

3-D printing is changing the world, come and find out what you can do with a 3-D printer.Read More »

Info Session: Creative Sector Pathway Program

Come hear more about the Creative Sector Pathway Program!Read More »
🎓 Tonight we are very excited to celebrate our first Creative Sector Pathway Program Graduation class! 🎓

This is an evening of celebration and recognition of the incredible work our students have done over the past 20 weeks. 

We are accepting applications for our fall 2024 cohorts, if you are interested in learning more about the program or would like to attend an info session visit our website at https://launchspace-orange.com/creative-sector-pathway/. 

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🎨✨ We're on a mission to empower budding artists through LaunchSpace's Access to the Arts Scholarship, and we're halfway to our $20,000 goal!

🌟 Huge thanks to the generous contributions from DeansBeansCoffee with $5000 and Greenfield Savings Bank with $2500. With $12,500 more to raise, your support can make a world of difference.

🖌️ Join us in fostering creativity and innovation. Every donation brings us closer to our $20,000 target, providing crucial opportunities for aspiring artists. Be a part of this inspiring journey—help us reach new artistic heights! ✨🎓


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📅 Mark your calendars for December 9th and gear up for the Midnight Madness event! 🌙 We're unleashing exclusive membership discounts. And here's the twist: as the night progresses, the deals get even better! 🌠💫

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What the Community is Saying

I had my mind BLOWN this winter. In Orange of all places. I’d been hearing about Launchspace, a makerspace in the OIC building ( the old mattress factory for anyone else that’s been here for eons) but hadn’t gone over to check it out. I ran into an old friend Brianna Drohen, one of the founders, at the Garlic and Arts festival last fall and she inspired me to take a look. After realizing that our own library in Warwick had a couple free passes, I decided to take advantage of the free opportunity to have a look. WOW!!!! That was my immediate response when I walked in, and my enthusiasm and amazement has not retreated one inch since. After my original shock at the size and breadth of the facility I was given a tour to familiarize myself with the various stations and rooms. The list is almost overwhelming. It’s like a playground for creatives of all types. There are sewing machines, both table top and industrial, embroidery and sergers. There is a leather working station with wonderful tools for all kinds of sculptural as well as utilitarian uses. There is stained glass and ceramics, both hand building and wheel work. with kilns and glazes. There is silk screen printing and laser etching and cutting and 3D printers. You can make jewelry and there is a metal shop with lots of equipment.and finally… the woodshop. ah the woodshop.

After my 20$ woodshop orientation fee which pays for the very knowledgeable shop steward to familiarize me with all the machines and make sure you aren’t going to cut your body parts off. I was ready to get started. The stewards were very helpful and patient with my questions and helped me to not get into bad habits. After many uses of the library pass, and half a dozen or more cutting boards, I decided it was time to make the commitment and join as a member for the modest 60$ monthly charge. Now I’ve made 16 cutting/serving/bread boards, a few spindles and a Bowl i turned from a cherry burl from my backyard. I’ve sewn a few bags for the boards and look forward to making some pottery and probably a leather bound book. The possibilities are only restricted by my imagination. If you have any interest at all in making art or craft or just useful things for around the house, I cant overemphasize how helpful the staff and the other members are for reaching that goal. The Pass is free so the investment is just time to go over and try your hand at some stained glass or pottery or just about anything else you can think of to make. There are two passes so you can even bring a buddy. Happy making!

“I think it is one of the largest and one of the most creative Maker Spaces that I have experienced. My work in the Creative Economy has brought me in touch with many maker spaces around the country, and few of them have the kind of dedicated space that LaunchSpace has to different media (i.e., wood, metal, glass, paper, ceramics, etc.), and few of them have the breadth of programming that LaunchSpace has.

I’ve also been impressed that LaunchSpace has been so strategic and deliberate in creating the space and making it available to the arts and creative community. In other words, the leadership was sure to secure funding for the space and had an organizational foundation in place before it officially opened and became operational. Too often, maker spaces rush to open their doors without going through the due diligence that LaunchSpace did.”

Michael, Northampton MA

“I joined LaunchSpace to do a couple of clay workshops and to take advantage of the beautiful sewing area. It has been swell meeting people there, and the stewards are great!

This is a remarkable venue for so many different crafts. It’s amazing that a little community like Orange can provide such rich experiences for the community.”

Elsa, Orange MA

“The funniest things that happen to me at Launch involve finding something in someone else’s studio that is exactly what I need to complete a project – the “cross-pollination” is so exciting! CA finds a power strip at a warehouse and realizes that I need one so brings it in. I have weaving looms that Zander can use, Erica lets my “under-age” granddaughter join a clay hand-building class, Laura sands down some rough pounding blocks for me..these events are so much fun!”

Sharon, Shutesbury MA

“Because of LaunchSpace, I’m starting to believe I can do so much more with my life. I look at the world differently – I see things and wonder how they are made and why they are made that way. For years I had resigned myself to thinking most things were out of my reach. Now I feel so happy because I see there’s a lot I am able to do. Whenever I hit a roadblock, I have confidence that I can find a way to adapt. I am discovering how to create tools that work for me.”

Xander, Belchertown MA

“I think that the Launchspace is a wonderful community asset. As the name implies, it is a jumping-off place for artistic and business endeavors for youth and people of all ages.”

Betsy, New Salem MA

“LaunchSpace means community. It is a place of learning, connecting, and putting that knowledge into practice. You don’t have to be an expert at your craft to find value in LaunchSpace and that’s what I think is the best part about it! Someone at any stage of their maker journey can start and work in the space.”

Sarah, Springfield MA

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